This is not the aerial combat game you know: it will drive you mad! It's all about warfare and how you feel the battle to act over it.

Scorching Skies is a dogfight game for iOS, and soon Android, designed to immerse you in the heat of combat. You will not only fly and chase your enemies, you will fly among your fleet and achieve victory or sink beneath endless clouds in titanic aerial battles.

You are the commander of an aerial fleet, with battleships, cruisers and carriers. You will be able to build, customize and equip the airplane of your fleet for each of seven different and equally important roles in the battlefield.

You will pilot your own unique aircraft, chosen and built from the best your fleet has to offer. Your actions as a pilot will be decisive for the victory of your fleet in battles.

The artificial inteligence in Scorching Skies was designed to be as intensive and passionate as human players can be. The level of engagement your enemies and allies have in battle is like nothing ever seen before on iOS and Android games.

Scorching Skies has top-notch graphics, that will amaze you with all the details of the incredible pieces of engineering flying in endless seas of cloud.