The planes of your fleet are built based on blueprints. Any of these can fulfill each of the seven roles of your fleet, and also be used as your personal airplane.

The Valkyrie is the result of a long line of warfare star fighters, the Aegis 5. It was the first aircraft utilized by the Eirians.
Despite its great modularity and capability to employ many different technologies on a single platform, the Valkyrie was outclassed by older Tygarian air vessels, which were far more suitable to fight in atmospheric combat situations, since they were built for this kind of battle from the beginning.

After gaining more experience in atmospheric combat, the Eirians developed the Valkyrie Mark II, which was a great upgrade over the original Valkyrie, and finally making it a suitable atmospheric fighter platform.

Being the greatest Eirian achievement in atmospheric combat platform, the Thor combines a great amount of power in a very aerodynamic chassis, making it a very strong force on the battlefield.

The bomber variant of the Thor platform. The Thor B is meant to deliver so much heavy power that some sections of the wing had to be redesigned just to make it stand the heavy ordnance.

No one knows who developed this airplane, as it doesn't fit the requirements of any of the warring factions.
The only known fact about this aircraft is its surgical precision, because nothing seems to survive it on the battlefield.

The only known data about the Vulture is that it's truly fast. It is suspected that it was probably developed by the same organization that made the Condor, only making it even more fearsome.

The EG1 is a fearsome heavy airplane, much like other gunships. Its streamlined hull gives it an edge in speed and stealth technology over other gunship designs.

Designed to be the heavy ordnance deliverer of the mighty Tygarians, the Thunderbolt is a flying tank, capable of standing almost as much punishment as a much larger gunship.

One of the oldest chassis known from the Tygarians.
As all other Tygarian aircraft, it was developed from the start to be a combat platform, which makes the Flanker a very serious threat on the battlefield even today.

The Berkut improved upon the heavy Flanker in terms of speed and maneuverability, by sacrificing sturdiness and heavy ordnance capabilities.
It is probably the most precise of the light interceptors in all Fayre.

The latest Tygarian development over the venerable Flanker chassis, the Sturmvogel is a very capable and fearsome vessel.
Its improvements on speed, agility, ordnance capability and the addition of a stealth design and advanced electronics made the Sturmvogel a very powerful aircraft.

The Blackwidow was a secret project inside the Tygarians.
Piloted only by the Tygarian elite warriors, this plane can only be overcome in stealth and agility by some aircraft whose existence is nothing but a rumour.

The great Tygarian gunship, the TG5 are responsible for keeping the fearsome Tygarian motherships safe in the most intense combat situations.

Showing the strengths of the Alsatian modular designs, what the intruder lacks in speed, it excels in ordnance capability and versatility.

The Fulcrum was developed to couple agressive firepower with great agility. The design is aging but still wonderfully delivers the combat punch it was meant to.

The Rafe was born through customizations on the Fulcrum platform. Being almost the same aircraft but with modernized aerodinamics and electronics.

The Nighthawk is the lighter Nightraven, showing the cutting edge tecnology of the Alsatian designs. A stealthy, agile, light ordnance but fast frame.

The Nightraven is the Alsatian latest proposal for the modern air superiority frame. It displays cutting edge technology coupling stealth with powerfull engines and superior agility. Delivering a heavy ordnance for a stealth plane, it is a force that Eirians and Tygarians alike should take seriously.

A secret development by an unknown maker, sometimes the Wraith was seen in the hands of particularly skilled mercenaryes. A very light and agile aircraft, extremely stealthy. I carries some resembancies to racer airplanes. Despite not being capable of carrying heavy ordnances, the Wraith's precision and deadliness are impressive on the Battlefield.

History has shown that developing a combat aircraft from a racer airplanes use to delyver great resoults. These can be witnessed on the uniquely impressive EK9

An abandoned Eirian design brain whashed from Tygarian captured engineers, the Phoenix was an impressive platform. It proved very effective, but too complicated to make and maintain as the Eirians abandoned the project. Now it is being hand built by some unknown manufacturer that somehow stealed the blueprints.

There are rumors about the sighting of this aircraft, that became legends. Some say its a small agile stealth fighter with gunship-like firepower. Wheter the rumors are true or not, it can somehow dominate a whole battlefield alone.

Developed by a faction of rogue tygarians, this gunship is a force to be reckoned with. It is probably the strongest aircraft to be seen on the battlefield. At least that is known off.

Proving the customization capabilities of the impressive Cloudmaster, the Psion is a heavy, gunship converted reconaiscence aircraft.

One of the most classical racer airplanes. So effectictive and cost friendly that most racing pilots still uses this design today

Some say that this design spwned the impressive Wraith, or maybe, the other way around.
Its imporessive how this design can sustain two engines and still maintain its racing lightness.

Nothing more than wings attached to an engine. This racer saw more succes than any other racer. Its a rare sitting though, thanks to its complicated maintenance and cost of its blueprint.

It seems the the fabled Sylph was based on the design of this very old small racer airplane. Its pilot was boy that doesn´t race for more than 20 years, but, he trully never lost a race.