What is Scorching Skies?
- Scorching Skies is a fast paced real time strategy and flight simulator game, where the player commands a fleet of combat planes and capital ships to destroy the opponent, and can choose a fighter plane and fight the battle in first person among his own fleet.

Who develps Scorching Skies?
- The game is being developed by Overpower Studios, located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

What engine does the game use?
- Scorching Skies is being developed with the Unity 3D engine.

What are the system requirements?
- The game is being developed to work on the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod 4th gen, and later.

Will Scorching Skies be available for Android?
- We have plans to port the game to the Android and PC platform, but nothing has been decided yet.

How much will/does it cost?
- It's set to sell for U$5,99 on the App Store.

What languages are there in the game?
- Currently the game is only available in english.

Will there be multiplayer?
- We have plans to make a multiplayer component in the future, but cannot announce dates yet.

What is the story of Scorching Skies?
- Scorching Skies is set in a gas-giant planet called Fayre. For more than one thousand years two warring factions dispute its clouds for their exoctic gases and you will fight your very own war against them both.

What are the game's top three features?
- Intense aerial combat against dozens of other units in both first person and in command view.
- Tactical strategy control of a large army.
- Limitless customization options for each of your units.

I have an idea to improve the game. How can I contact you?
- Drop by the e-mail, and tell us your idea!

Can I use your material in my site?
- Yes, as long as you link back to our main site.

I have a problem with my payment, who can I contact?
- Unfortunately it's out of our hands, because Apple handles all payment-related issues of the Apple Store, so you need to contact them for help.